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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hollywood’s Top Stylists Reveal Secrets about your favorite STARS!

 Jen ‘Looks Incredible’ Naked & Angie Hates Her Big Feet!

Almost Perfect:"Jen [Aniston] looks incredible naked -- better than most starlets in their 20s!" Skin-care expert Dawn DaLuise told Star. "Jennifer had the best body of any celebrity I've ever seen," but she isn't perfect! Wondering what Jen's flaw is? Fungus fingers! On the set of her latest flick, Wanderlust, the star showed off her itchy fungus finger.

 Insecure: A fashion insider spilled on Angelina Jolie's insecurities to the mag, saying "She hates her feet! She thinks they're gross and she would shrink them if she could." Nude shoes and long dresses MUST be present on every shoot. The star recently parted with her longtime stylist, accusing her of being, "too safe."
  Main squeeze: "If she wants to wear something she will, even if it doesn't fit," a stylist who worked with Jennifer Lopez said. "She's been sewn into dresses that could suffocate a 10-year-old! She once halted filming on a video because she felt fat," the source said.
 Braless & almost bare: Someone who worked with Sandra Bullock told Star that the star puts duct tape -- on her nipples! "If she's wearing a thin dress, she'll put it on to keep them from popping through the material."
 Prone to temper-tantrums: Rihanna is possessive of her looks! "Rihanna gets enraged if she thinks another artist is ripping off her style," a fashion insider spilled. "She also demands that her stylist be available at all hours for when she's inspired. No stylist should be surprised by constant texts from RiRi -- even at 5 in the morning!"
 What a DIVO: "Jay-Z likes all his shirts to be freshly ironed and warm to the touch," a fashion insider reveals.
 Cheapo: Lady Gaga is a CHEAPO! "For all the money she's raking in, Lady Gaga can be incredibly cheap," a top stylist told the mag. The star even skipped out on a bill from a well-known designer! "She paid for the materials, but not the service. The designer was out thousands of dollars."

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