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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aubrey O’Day Before & After

Why is it when white girls become too famous for their britches, the hair gets blonder, the tan gets faker, and the outfits more garish? With the caked-up makeup and 15 pounds of extensions, Aubrey is no longer the naturally pretty tart we once knew. In this case, her stylist should be fired (or schooled on the notion of subtlety). I do, however, give her props for making herself known outside of the sequel to B5 that is Danity Kane. I suppose with all the magazine covers, outings with famous-for-nothing trollops, porn stars, and (surprise) an upcoming clothing line, the excessive artifice will become an impenetrable shield for when you realize you’ll never be taken seriously as an artist.
She’s no longer relevant, which only means one thing: she will take her clothes off for various advertising gigs. 

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