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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Latest Shoe Trend Buzz: Heel Condoms!

I have to admit, when an e-mail came through this morning with the title "Heel Condoms" I almost instantly clicked it away. But as curiosity got the best of me, I checked it out and look what I found Fashionistas. These delicious treats are available at , xo
Condom-like covers that let you play dress up with your shoes. have many perks:
+ Make simple shoes a conversation piece
+ Mix and Match with outfits
+ Great for travel
+ Easy to wear
+ Protect heels from damage
+ Reusable
+One size fits all
The Idea Behind :
“A woman’s dream of having a closet full of shoes can now become a reality with the innovative Heel Condoms, which completely change the original appearance of the shoe without having to buy other pairs” said entrepreneur and designer Sandrysabel Ortiz. Aside from making your shoes different, Heel Condoms protect the heel, hence the name "condom". The name was chosen wisely to serve as a publicity stunt and have it be in everyone's head, whether they loved it or hate it.
We needed the name to be memorable and Heel Condoms is just that! She knew the name would create a viral effect in terms of marketing in blogs, Internet pages and social webs such as Facebook and Twitter, she explained. Heel Condoms have been featured in different media outlets such as MSN, Yahoo, NBC, EFE, Caribbean Business, Perez Hilton, Glamour Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Hollyscoop, Huffington Post, among others. This innovative product has also caused stir internationally being featured in numerous magazines and blogs from Netherlands, Israel, China, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc. I love it!

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